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About Maria

With a background in Anthropology and Psychology I have always been fascinated by ceremonies and rituals from around the world and am convinced that they are essential to our human experience.

Ceremonies give meaning, direction, and support in our daily lives. In our Western culture where rites of passage that impact our lives have receded greatly or vanished altogether, it is especially important to celebrate significant, life-altering events. Your wedding is such an event. You publicly demonstrate your willingness to commit to each other for a lifetime. For this experience to become deeply anchored into your hearts it has to reach you deeply.

As a practicing counselor I have over the years come to recognize the importance of the heart. In my experience all true transitions, openings, and transformations occur in the heart first.

Therefore it is my ambition and promise to you, that your wedding will reflect your love for each other and touch your heart.

Sedona Vow Renewal
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