Wedding Musicians


Oman Ken


An accomplished and sensitive musician can make your wedding even more special. If that sounds like a good idea, please check the the following website of a fabulous musician who I highly recommend. Oman Ken plays harp (depending on location), Native American flutes, guitar, and he is a seasoned vocalist. Samples of Oman's music are available on his website.

Wedding Photographers

David Sunfellow


David Sunfellow is one of Sedona's most experienced wedding photographers. Visit David's website for dazzling photography, rave reviews, and photos of Sedona's most spectacular locations.

Andrew Holman


Acclaimed Sedona wedding photographer, Andrew Holman, will capture your day with a blend of photojournalism, fine art, and traditional photography. Andrew enjoys mixing a combination of traditional shots with journalistic candids. His creative mind is always looking for the unique.

Hair, Makeup, & Skin Care

Patricia Vega


Patricia Vega is a highly talented hair and make-up artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who propelled her salon career working in fashion events and following a passion for bridal hair and make-up. Over 25 years of international experience has allowed Patricia to attain a keen sense of fashion and beauty, capable to deliver the most flawless look ranging anywhere between soft, natural, and per request, more dramatic and "edgy." For any type of skin tone and hair texture.